• We're loving this picture of Cameron and Cooper in their #Pregnacare babygrows! Is there anything more special than the bond between twin brothers? ❤️ #Vitabiotics

Repost from @me_plus_3_under_3: "I can’t believe my babies are going to be 7 months soon. It definitely goes quicker second time around as it is so busy, especially with an active toddler tearing around the house. I love these pics of the #twins in their #pregnacare vests. Still relying on @vitabiotics to safeguard our diet 7 months on. #EveryStepofTheWay #twinsboys #twinsofinstagram #twinstagram #mixedbabies #twinning #nonidenticaltwins #toddlerandtwins #outnumbered #3under3 #threeunderthree"
  • Repost from @lecorgi: "Exercise? I thought you said extra fries, Maman! 
#Sponsored - We've pawtnered with @vitabiotics #SuperDog, which offer a daily vitamin boost, to encourage you all pups to be healthy and happy. Corgis are not the lapdogs most people imagine. They are highly intelligent, and were bred to herd so be out all day. Keeping them busy mentally and physically is extremely important to avoid them getting bored, destructive and overweight. #Vitabiotics
Wishing every UK mother and dog moms a happy #MothersDay today ❤️"
  • Happy #Humpday! Do you exercise before or after work? Make sure to have a light meal before going to the gym and never skip breakfast! ☕️🍌🍞
#HappyHumpday #WorkoutWednesday

Repost from @elegantlyfashionable1: "Being a full-time blogger, I am always running around in the city from meetings to shoot to events. So I start my day with a healthy breakfast and #Wellwoman #Vitabiotics vitamins! @vitabiotics #EmbraceEnergy #ad"
  • Repost from @antibullyingpro: "Looking to start an anti-bullying campaign? Not sure how?
Join us this Friday at 4pm for ABLetsTalk, kindly sponsored by @vitabiotics, with Diana Award Holder Jaylen to hear his anti-bullying story. •
We’ll also be announcing the winner of our competition! There’s still time to enter, share how you’re working to tackle bullying in your community with us by tagging #ABLetsTalk and @antibullyingpro!"
  • Repost from @huntersandheels: "Yep! This is Rory! 😯 
It feels like it was just yesterday that his tiny newborn body fit in our little bathroom sink 🙈 I have to say I find that painfully emotional, but in the most incredible way. A feeling so many parents will relate to I’m sure ❤️ When I look how much he’s grown, how he’s developed... I’m so proud of him, and us ❤️ - This will be our last bottle of @vitabiotics vitamin drops as Rory is ready to move up to the next stage like his big brother in less than a month!!! Where oh where does the time go?! #WellBaby #Vitabiotics #ad"
  • Repost from @emmal_: "Starting the day off right with a glass of #WellWoman Energy from @Vitabiotics and some healthy oat waffles topped with fresh fruit! #EmbraceEnergy #Vitabiotics #Ad"
  • Happy Friday! 🎉🎉We're all looking forward to having some fun this weekend - looks like Flynn is excited too! #SuperDog 🐶

Repost from @emilyfredasharp: "I've always thought that Flynn looks a bit like a seal. Is that weird? Do other pet owners do this? Can you see it in his little whiskers and big beady eyes? His #Superdog vitamins from @Vitabiotics have been making his whiskers even more luscious and so I thought it was about time he showed off some of his best seal-like tricks. Enter circus Flynn! *disclaimer* no Flynns were harmed in the making of this post. 😂 #ad #vitabiotics"
  • We're loving this picture of @outsideboxx taking her daily #Perfectil Platinum Collagen Hair drink. ✨✨💕
#FindYourPerfectil #Perfectil #Vitabiotics #HairCare #CollagenDrink
  • Repost from @jamesbamz: "I've been feeling a little bit run down with all this cold weather recently ❄️ But thanks to these little boosters I'm back on my feet and raring to go 💥#EmbraceEnergy #Vitabiotics #ad @Vitabiotics 📸: @gemma_eileen"

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