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  • Amelia has been training hard and got her eyes set on the #Olympics. What's your ultimate goal in life?
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Repost from @allthatisshe: "This is all I see Amelia do these days; stretching, jumping into the splits, upside down doing a handstand and bending into positions I never thought possible. I'm starting to think she has a few bones missing. She's got her eyes set on the Olympics, so I like to make sure she's getting all of her vitamins and @Vitabiotics Multi-Vitamin Liquid is a great way to do so. #Wellkid #Vitabiotics #ad"
  • @stef_fit_ is ready to start the day with an amazing breakfast and our #Wellwoman #ENERGY. Happy #HumpDay! ⚡️⚡️
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Repost from @stef_fit_: "Breakfast of dreams 😍😅 seriously needed before @kobox this morning 🥊 trying to make my food look fancy for you guys, this is my favourite savoury breakfast 🍳😋 paired with my favourite fruit strawberries 🍓 & @vitabiotics wellwoman energy packed full of vitamin B's and magnesium to give me that boost to see me through the day 👊🏽💪🏽"
  • Make sure to take good care of your #bones!
Our #Osteocare Fizz is specially formulated with #calcium, #zinc and #vitaminD to help maintain normal bones.

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  • It's the first day of Spring!@flunkingmonkey is having some #vitaminD to make up for the lack of sunshine in the UK. Are you? ☀️
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Repost from @flunkingmonkey: "Definitely been missing the sunshine while I’ve been back in the UK, these intermittent rays just aren’t cutting it. Luckily for me while I’m not up to my usual travels ✈️ I’ve been doing a lot of exploring indoors finding awesome places like this cafe built into an old church! I can even keep healthy with  #Vitabiotics #UltraVitaminD making up for that lack of sunshine 😉 #exploreindoors @vitabiotics #ad"
  • Happy #HumpDay! @chessiekingg just had a nice healthy smoothie for breakfast and some #Wellwoman #ENERGY to get her through the day! What did you have for breakfast today?
#HealthyChoices #HealthyLife

Repost from @chessiekingg: "Have things in your room, on your desk, in your bag everywhere you go that make you SMILE 💛🌈
I always have flowers brightening up my room, kilner jars filled with daffodils & beautiful roses (that are on their last day but have lasted so long) from my pea @healthychefsteph 👯
& I always have a packet of popcorn in my bag/empty packet! That's a complete lie, it's in my bag for 5 seconds & then it's gone!

Anyway find little things that make you happy & surround yourself with them. 🌼🌻🌸 Starting today with a whole lotta goodness in my 'Smoothie Queen' jar from the amazing @loveraw team.
• Handful of spinach 🍃
• Half a naaaana 🍌
• 20g of matcha whey protein @pureblendco • 1 tsp manuka honey 🍯
• 250ml @rudehealth brown rice milk 🍼
• a laaattta ice ice baby

Paired with @vitabiotics Wellwoman energy packed full of vitamin B's & magnesium to give me that little boost I need this morning 💃🏼 (F for Francesca, now you all know my real life name) #EmbraceEnergy"
  • Did you know that the Department of Health recommends that all children aged 6 months to 5 years should be given a supplement that contains vitamins A, C and D?

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Repost from @sallyfazeli: "We're officially in our new house although this pic is from one of our last days in our old house 🙈I think it might take us months to feel like it's officially 'ours' if you know what I mean.
Besides all the moving business it's definitely that time of year where it feels like everyone's immune systems are at an all time low even Hugo's been full of a cold and cough this week and not wanting to eat as much, which is so unlike him 😟 I was so happy when @Vitabiotics sent some of their delicious tasting vitamins for children this week though as I totally forgot you could buy things like this and I feel so much better knowing Hugo's getting extra support with all the vitamins and nutrients he needs despite his lack of appetite recently. (FYI You can also add it to juice or water to give it even more easily 😏😋) #WellBaby #Vitabiotics #Ad"
  • Half-way through a Monday is the most common time we have a slump. We got you. Get #ENERGY. Are you feeling the #slump?
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  • #Friyay! What are your plans for the weekend?
(P.S. Our #Wellkid Multi-vitamin Smart Chewable is now available in strawberry milk flavour! 🍓🍓🍓) #Vitamins #Supplements #Kidstagram #HappyFriday #FridayFeeling

Repost from @hannahargyle: "Does anyone else's kids seem to periodically put themselves on a carbs and cucumber diet? 🙄 Luckily mine always eat lots of fruit but I do sometimes feel like I struggle to get much else down them! 
For the times when broccoli is a little elusive, it's good to know they are getting help with what they need with @vitabiotics #wellkid #vitabiotics #ad
Happy Friday everyone! ☕️💐😘"

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