• #Wellman Energy provides magnesium, iron and niacin which contribute to normal energy release. ⚡️⚡️ #EmbraceEnergy #Vitabiotics
  • Repost from @tijanserena: "Getting bigger by the day 🤰🏽I have a new video up on my YouTube with my pre pregnancy and pre natal health and wellness tips including taking #Pregnacare daily - I started taking it 2 months before I got pregnant and still take daily! @vitabiotics #Pregnacare #EveryStepOfTheWay ad ps I’ve taken a photo in this exact spot every week since 5 weeks pregnant!"
  • Our #SuperDog of the month? @thefurrist! 🐶

Repost from @thefurrist: "The only reason I can train like Michael Phelps in the lake weekly is because of @Vitabiotics SuperDog. I am getting stronger and fitter like a superhero! #SuperDog #Vitabiotics #Ad"
  • Repost from @masha_theone: "We've officially opened the picnic season !

I am so excited about this warm weather in my favourite city with my favourite people.

Felt like winter will never leave us, with all those nasty viruses and colds we can finally put it all behind us with some sunshine and the help of #wellkid vitamins from @vitabiotics to help the kids boost their immune system, Their new complex of vitamins comes in the form of jelly beans featuring our favourite Peppa pig character which makes the vitamin intake even more easy and fun 🙌🏻. #summerinthecity #WellKidPeppaPig #vitabiotics #ad"
  • #Pregnacare triplets! 👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼 #EveryStepOfTheWay
Repost from @the_parker_four: "Thank you @vitabiotics for generously gifting us a bumper batch of vitamins to keep us in tip top health! A lot of people have asked me what medication I was using when I got pregnant with the Trips, assuming that as I was told I’d most likely not conceive I must have been taking some kind or hormone medication, like Clomid. But no. We used Vitabiotics His & Hers Pregnacare Conception when trying for Lewis, but nothing when I fell pregnant with the Trips. Once I found out I had 3 buns a-cookin’ however i did start taking vitamins, and others since having them. I’ve added comments to the photos on my Facebook page explaining how each of them helped me - find me to have a read up - The Parker Four #pregnancy #ttc #babies #energyboost #vitamins #cranberry #triplets #multiples"
  • @thesematters loves having some flowers around the house. How about you? What's your favourite flower? 💐

Repost from @thesematters: "I’ve brought spring home myself with tulips from the flower market and @vitabiotics #wellbaby vitamin complex to boost the immune system #ad#vitabiotics
I also love my granny’s methods like honey and ginger tea or a glass of water with fresh lemon juice in the morning.
Any more tips for us how to keep the doctor away? Don’t suggest more sleep, the girls won’t let us follow this wise advice 🙄"
  • #Wellwoman Vitamin Drink is a refreshing low calorie, still drink that contains a refreshing blend of pomegranate and cranberry juices, vitamins, minerals and active plant botanicals.
  • Repost from @joshcuthbert: "Where to next? 🌅✈️ been using @vitabiotics wellman moisturiser on all my trips recently.... keeping my skin 👌🏼 & healthy. 
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  • According to @adorablecockers, it's #tongueouttuesday! 🐶

Repost from @adorablecockers: "A healthy dog is a happy dog and you can’t deny that smile on a #tongueouttuesday *
*Helping to maintain health and vitality with @vitabiotics #superdog #Ad #adorablecockers #cockerspaniel"

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