Pregnancy advice for new parents-to-be

12 Sep 2014

Just taken a positive pregnancy test, or found out some happy news? Congratulations! Read our pregnancy advice for new parents to be.

pregnancy advice for new parentsWith the news this week that Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, is expecting again, we’ve taken a look at the differences between first and second pregnancies. But what if it’s your first baby? Here’s our round-up of pregnancy advice for first-time parents:

Just taken a test but too early to tell anyone? Read Marissa’s post on how to keep your early pregnancy a secret.

Do you have special circumstances that make you high-risk? Find out more about what it means and the implications from our Pregnacare in-house midwife.

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What not to expect from a second pregnancy

11 Sep 2014

With the happy news this week that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again, we take a look at second pregnancies – what should you not expect?

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and second pregnanciesAs I’m currently four weeks away from giving birth and already have a toddler running around at home, second pregnancies are something that are very present in my thoughts at the moment.

I wrote about some of the things you can expect between pregnancies when I was just entering the second trimester, but now I’m about to give birth there are several differences that have really struck home from the past nine months.

Although Kate Middleton has a team of royal nannies, staff and support, for most mums the second time can be similar but very, very different to the first.

Here’s what you should not expect (leave a comment if this sounds familiar!) Read more

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Looking back at toddler month on TalkMum

04 Sep 2014

For the last few weeks on TalkMum we’ve been looking at the crazy but amazing world of the toddler


Here’s a recap of all the blog posts:

Our mums talked about the best things about toddlers…and the most challenging.

Fran wrote about fun activities to entertain your children, and we also looked at five rainy day tips to keep them occupied, as well as ways to make sure baking with small children isn’t a recipe for disaster.

Dealing with toddler turmoil? Take some advice from Marissa.

Rachel wrote about a simple way to deal with toddler meltdowns.

We also looked at our top apps for toddlers. Which ones are favourites in your house? Read more

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From a cot to a toddler bed…or straight to a single?

03 Sep 2014

Moving from a cot to a bed is a big transitional step for toddlers (and their parents). So how can you make the move and ensure sweet dreams all round?

When's the best time to move from a cot to a bed?So what is the best way to move your toddler from a cot to a bed, and when should you do it?

There are no hard and fast rules as to when it has to happen. For most parents, it is usually prompted by their child growing out of the cot, the sudden shock of them being able to mountaineer over the top, or perhaps a need to give the cot to a younger – and newer – sibling.

In terms of the best age, again, there are no set limits (and if they’re happy sleeping where they are then leave them as long as you want). But what other factors should you consider? Read more

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Brilliant blog posts – August

29 Aug 2014

Have some spare time to sit down and relax for a few minutes? Here’s our round-up of brilliant blog posts from August

Brilliant blog posts It’s the month of summer – please someone give a nudge to the weather – and everyone’s been getting out in the fresh air.

Lolipop, the festival for children, took place in August. Laura from ChezMummy and her family went along, and you can see their review here (make sure you watch the video too. You can also read Foz’s from Muslim Mummy‘s review of what they got up to at the festival, and also find out about how Marissa from Little Rascal Reviews got to meet none other than Mr Bloom.

So what’s everyone else been getting up to? Read more

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The golden rule of potty training, and ten tips to help

28 Aug 2014

Thinking about potty training your toddler? Here’s some hints and tips to help make it an easy transition from nappies to pants.

Tips for potty trainingPotty training. It may seem like a bit and daunting hurdle to cross. And along with moving from a cot to a bed, it’s one of the big toddler milestones.

There are hundreds of books and blog posts written about it. Everyone has advice, from your mum to the old lady in the supermarket. It can be confusing. But it doesn’t need to be.

Here’s some easy tips on potty training to follow, for gentle, stress-free success for both you and your child (fingers crossed!)

But first, the golden rule of potty training isRead more

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Gill’s pregnancy diary – 33 weeks

28 Aug 2014

Now at 33 weeks with her second pregnancy, here’s Gill’s latest update:

32 weeks pregnant bump shotSo I’m 33 weeks and I know it ‘s a big cliche to say this, but time seems to be flying by. There’s just over six weeks left to my due date now. I had a minor wobble last week so we’ve now started to get things ready (well, my mum is coming up to help and wash all the baby clothes – which is a start, isn’t it?)

My toddler daughter is very excited at the moment, and keeps having chats with my bump where she tells the baby to come out soon they can play together. I’m not sure she’s quite aware of the impact it’s going to have on her life – or how happy she’ll be about sharing me – but it’s very, very cute.

I guess I’ll have to think about things like writing a birth plan and getting a hospital bag together soon. Does anyone have any good tips? Read more

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Pregnancy news round-up

22 Aug 2014

Here’s our round-up of the latest pregnancy stories to hit the news from the past week:

pregnancy news round-up*Breastfeeding cuts the risk of depression in new mums, according to a report on The BBC. Scientists discovered the link in a study of 14,000 mothers. However, the risk is increased if mums wanted to breastfeed but were unable to, and more support for these mums has been called for. If you’d like more information on breastfeeding, read some expert advice from our midwife.

* It’s been reported that fertility could be boosted by vitamin D, in The Times. Women who have a vitamin D deficiency are only half as likely to conceive through IVF treatment as women who have healthy levels, according to scientists in Italy. If the link were confirmed, scientists suggest that taking vitamin D supplements or spending time outdoors could be a cheap and easy way for couples to boost their chances of conceiving. (Note: Pregnacare Conception is specially formulated with nutrients to help support conception, includes zinc which contributes to normal fertility and reproduction. It also contains 400mcg folic acid and 15mcg vitamin D). You can also read our tips on vitamin D for mums and children.

* Amelia and Oliver have topped the baby name lists for 2013, with the release of new stats from the ONS. Are you pregnant? Make sure you read more about the latest stats in our post on tips for picking a baby name.

Make sure to read our posts from this week on top apps for toddlers and 25 ideas on family-friendly days out this Bank Holiday.

Have a great long weekend!

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How to pick a baby name

21 Aug 2014

With the release of the new ONS baby name stats for 2013, we’re looking at one of the big decisions that you make during pregnancy; naming your baby

Picking a baby nameWhile picking a baby name might initially sound like a lot of fun, it can actually be a minefield of vetoes, disagreements and memories. It’s a big responsibility, if you think about it – you’re giving your child a name they will have for the rest of their life.

So what was popular last year? The ONS baby name stats for 2013 revealed that Oliver and Amelia were the most common boys and girls names, with Poppy, Theodore, Oscar, Elsie and George – a nod to the Prince – all on the rise. More than 62,000 babies names were registered in total.

So if you’re pregnant or have just given birth, what’s the best way to pick a baby name…and what should you avoid? Here’s our tips for top naming success: Read more

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Top apps for toddlers

21 Aug 2014

What are the best apps available for toddlers and young children? Here’s our top three:

Best apps for toddlers and young childrenThere are currently more than one million apps available on Apple’s App Store, and more than 60 billion of these have been downloaded in total. There are hundreds of thousands more on different platforms. But how many of these are suitable for toddlers, and where do you even start?

While the debate on children and screen time rages on – and indeed it’s a personal choice  - there are always going to be times when apps for children can come in handy. Think long car journeys,waiting rooms and 6am when you want five minutes more sleep.

The good things about apps is that they can entertain and educate. And lets face it. your toddler is likely to know how to use your iPad better than their Grandma.

Here’s our top three toddler apps: Read more

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