Ask our midwife: how do I become a midwife?

17 Apr 2014

So how do you train to become a midwife, and is there still a demand for the job?

What do I need to do to become a midwife?Programmes such as Call The Midwife, One Born Every Minute and BBC2′s The Midwives have really sparked an interest in people wanting to retrain in the profession. Any for many others it’s something they’ve always wanted to do. However there is still a national shortage of 2,300 midwives according to a recent report, so despite the renewed interest there is still a huge demand.

In our next instalment in Midwife Month, we ask our in-house midwife Summaya how you qualify to become a midwife, and the best – and worst – things about her job.

Hi again Summaya. So how do you qualify to be a midwife? Read more

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Ask our midwife: care and appointments during pregnancy

16 Apr 2014

It’s midwife month on TalkMum, and we’re looking at the men and women who deliver your babies, and the care you can expect to receive from them when you’re expecting.

How many appointments can I expect during pregnancy?Next up in our ‘Ask our midwife’ feature – with Pregnacare in-house midwife Summaya – is her guide to the amount of appointments and type of care you can expect to receive during pregnancy (you can also read her first post about a healthy diet in pregnancy).

So over to Summaya…How often will I see a midwife during my pregnancy?
The schedule of care and frequency of appointments you receive will vary dependent upon whether you have had children before, have pre-existing medical or pregnancy conditions deeming you ‘high-risk’ or you are under the care from a specialist team.

What about first time mums vs second-time mums?
First time mothers-to-be have a few more appointments than women that have had babies before simply to provide them with the extra support they require.

Who will the appointments be with?
Not all of your antenatal appointments have to be held with your midwife, on some occasions you can see your GP instead. Below is the basic schedule of care guide, the ones marked as such are the extra appointments provided to first time mothers.

What about high-risk pregnancies?
We’ll come on to these later on in the month.

Are there any other appointments I can expect?
This list also does not include the scans required in the different stages of your pregnancy.

So what appointments can I expect during pregnancy, when and who with? Read more

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Introducing midwife month on TalkMum

11 Apr 2014

What type of care did you recieve when you were pregnant? Did you have a midwife during pregnancy who really made a difference? Or someone who went above and beyond to help you?

How do I become a midwife?

This month we’ll be looking at midwives, and the type of pregnancy care you can expect when you’re expecting.

Our in-house midwife Summaya will be posting on the schedule of appointments that are typical during pregnancy.

Interested in becoming a midwife yourself? She’ll also be giving her tips on how to qualify, and talking about what drove her to the profession.

We’ll also look at what happens when your pregnancy is high risk, when you’re expecting more than one baby, or when it doesn’t quite go to plan. Read more

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Looking back at Friendship Month on TalkMum

10 Apr 2014

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at friendships as a new mum. Here’s a recap of all our posts:

NCT classesTo kick off the month, we introduced the theme of Friendship, inspired by the Bliss and Mother & Baby Big Heart Awards.

Thinking about taking NCT classes as a way to make friends? Here’s Chloe on how motherhood created an instant bond for her group, and Fran on how she made friends through avenues other than NCT.

Fozia had lots of ideas for ways and means to meet other mums.

The pregnancy friend, the one with the same age baby, and the one-way-street – Eleanor wrote about the five friends you’ll meet in your baby’s first year.

New blogger Rachel wrote her advice for the secretly shy SAHM, and Chloe discussed whether online friends can be considered as real friends.

Need some ideas for places to meet other mums? How about the park, the library, or even your local NCT sale?

We also looked at some of the posts our bloggers have written throughout the month on their own blogs, in our March blog round-up.

A big thank you to all our bloggers from this month. We’ll be revealing our new theme shortly, so stay tuned!

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Gill’s pregnancy diary: the differences between 1st and 2nd pregnancies

09 Apr 2014

Today we’re introducing our new brand new pregnancy blogger on TalkMum…

Bump shot at nine weeks pregnantHi everyone, I’m Gill and am going to be writing here over the next few months about my pregnancy. You may know me as the TalkMum editor, and I also blog over at A Baby on Board. I’m mum to a very lively and curious two-year-old girl, and the big news is that I’m expecting my second child in October.

Although I’m utterly thrilled to be pregnant again, I am finding it a lot different the second time round. As one of my friends recently told me, ‘you’re only a pampered pregnant princess once’ – and this is SO true. Tiredness and sickness play a big part in it; you can’t just go to bed when you have a toddler to supervise, no matter how much you’d love to.

But how can it be so different to experience the same thing? Here’s the major changes I’m finding this time round, and some words of wisdom from other second-time mums: Read more

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Blog post round-up – March

04 Apr 2014

Loved reading all the posts on Friendship month? Here’s some more from our March bloggers, on their own blogs:

Round-up of blog postsEleanor has launched her new blog, The Bristol Parent, all about family life in Bristol. Read her latest post, the ground beneath your feet.

Fran is looking for reasons to delay potty training (I’m sure most mums can sympathise) and looking at ideas for fuss-free food for children.

Make sure you check out Becky’s recipe for banana and chocolate tray bake, and her thoughts on happiness and appreciating the small things in life.

Rachel has written a letter to her children on Mother’s Day, and also a post called Outnumbered, about experiencing a longing for a daughter, despite loving being the mum of two boys.

Following her post on NCT, Chloe has written some more thoughts on motherhood, and her son’s recent ability to climb things, very quickly.

So spring has sprung, and isn’t the weather glorious? (kind of). Foz has been out and about in her garden, and also doing some messy play with water beads and bath Gelli.

And I’ve been writing about the problems with being a work-from-home parent (you have to take in parcels for the whole street when they’re at work) and also the five parenting truths I’ve recent learnt the hard way.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for the final friendship posts over the next few days, and our new theme for April.

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What are good places to meet other mums?

03 Apr 2014

We’ve looked at how to make friends if you do – and don’t – take an NCT course, and advice on making friends for the secretly shy SAHM. So what are other good places to get out there and meet other mums?

Children's playgroundWe’ve recently moved house, and although we still live close to our old area, it’s difficult to get back so means we don’t see all our old local friends as often as we’d like.

I have to admit, I’ve found it harder than I thought to meet new mums. Even though children are the eternal icebreaker and I don’t mind talking to anyone, it’s much easier when you’re all sat down chatting with your newborns than when you’re running around after a toddler. And it’s difficult to make the leap from small talk to the sort of comfortable bond you have with your closest mum friends (you know, the ones who know all the gory details about your delivery).

So what are some good starting points for meeting other mums? Here’s a few ideas: Read more

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How to make friends as a new mum

28 Mar 2014

How easy is it to make new friends once you’re a mum? Here’s Foz from Muslim Mummy with some ideas on how to meet new people and get out and about:

One loyal friend is worth a thousand relativesSome may not agree with this quote, while others will be nodding their head in agreement.

I am one of the ones nodding. Sometimes you just don’t get on with family, but you can choose who is in your life as friends.

Friends are precious. And I must admit I am one of those who does not necessarily have a truckload of friends, as I would rather have just one or two in my life that I can fully trust. The kind of friend who I try to be and also what I look out for in a friend is: Read more

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Win: one of two copies of the children’s DVD Favourite Nursery Rhymes

27 Mar 2014

It’s giveaway time on TalkMum, and you could win one of two copies of the DVD Favourite Nursery Rhymes and Children’s Songs.

Children's songs and nursery rhymesThe DVD contains over 35 sing-a-long, animated and classic nursery rhymes and songs – including Wheels on the Bus, Polly put the Kettle on and Mary had a Little Lamb – perfect for those times your children need a bit more entertaining (and you could do with a sit down!)

It was created by BAFTA nominated children’s producer Neil Ben, the man behind Thomas and Friends and Pony Tails.

To enter: Read more

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Advice for the Secretly Shy SAHM

26 Mar 2014

Today on TalkMum we welcome a brand new blogger; Rachel, who writes over at Make a Long Story Short. She is a mum to two boys and a freelance copywriter.

Here’s Rachel with some words of wisdom on coping with the daunting situation of making new mum friends, when you’re not a natural extrovert. Does this sound familiar? (if so, let us know!)

Rachel JeffcoatI was eleven when I realised that making friends wasn’t my forte. In my first class at secondary school, enveloped by a hideous turd-brown blazer I made even heavier by stashing books in my pocket, I smiled at the girl next to me and she burst out laughing at my bright pink brace elastic. The buzz in the class that week was all about a girl called Anna, who may or may not have Done It in a ginnel. I, on the other hand, kept books in my pockets for emergencies, had neon brace elastic I had chosen myself, and I wasn’t even sure what a ginnel was, let alone the mechanics of Doing It in one: I was marked as a geek from the start.

While I did find wonderful likeminded souls eventually, it always seemed to take forever to move from awkward playground chat to laughing hysterically over Buffy in pyjamas. Shyness is a curse, isn’t it? The tongue too heavy for your mouth, the hopeful smile that actually looks more like a pained grimace, the constant full-body cringe. It was the same at university: the heart-stopping, life-changing friends I made there know a piece of me that no one else ever will, but it took ages for me to stop being reclusive enough to attract them. And now I find myself at 29, two tiny boys in tow, having to screw my courage to the sticking place all over again at baby groups and rhyme times everywhere, including in the blogosphere. Is it supposed to be easy, now I’m an adult? Because I’m much better now at appearing to be socially adept, but too often I still feel like an awkward eleven-year-old without a single cool thing to say, and have to suck my teeth to check for braces. HELLO, YOU PERSON THAT I THINK IS NICE, I want to say but (thankfully) don’t. LET’S BE CLOSE FRIENDS. YOUR HAIR IS GREAT, FYI.

Being a new(ish) mother can be Kryptonite for a shy person. No longer do you interact with adults between nine and five as a matter of course, swallowing your awkwardness until you find people you can connect with. If you wanted, you could stay indoors and never see anyone who didn’t think stuffing a baked bean up their nose was a brilliant idea. But you really mustn’t. Here’s the combined wisdom I’ve managed to gather from two-and-a-half years of excruciating Stay and Play afternoons: Some Advice for the Secretly Shy SAHM (shall I work on this title? Yes): Read more

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